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I build voice and mobile apps for kids.

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Become different animals while getting exercise. Great for rainy and sunny days too!

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Whether you're too sad or too mad, let Alexa help you find the way to calm.

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Pain sucks. Empower kids to learn coping strategies to find relief.

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It ain't pretty when a kiddo loses their cool. Show them the way to calm.

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Food shouldn't be a battle. Let kids build the recipe and then make it together.

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Would you rather have strings in your socks or be licked by a giraffe?

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For Jack & Jill builds voice and mobile apps for kids. The more serious ones help kids learn techniques to deal with their physical pain or strategies to calm down when angry. The more silly have kids getting a workout while pretending to be different animals. The goal of all of these apps and skills is to teach kids tools they can apply, so eventually they don’t need the app or Alexa at all.

I'm a small development shop that will sub-contract out for audio and design assistance as needed. My hope is you find these apps to be helpful tools in your toolbox when working with kids. I love feedback, enhancement requests, or just a hello.

*Unicorn, t-rex, and dragon illustrations done by drawkman.com